Cooling chamber panels

Installation of panels

Yanmayan panel

Inside the panels, two-way chrome locks are specially designed. Its high thermal insulation feature  provides significant energy savings

Sendviç panellər

Using areas of refrigerator chamber panels

  • Industrial Buildings and factories
  • Supermarkets
  • Agricultural and livestock-related industrial buildings
  • Social facilities (dormitory, hotel, furniture, etc.)
  • Enterprises of all types of food products (fruit, vegetables, vegetables and meat products, seafood, milk, fat, etc.)
  • Medical supplies and warehouses

Advantages of refrigerator
chamber panels

  • Refrigerator chamber panels provide food, starting with raw materials, storage, classification, handling, evaluation, tolerance, preparation of one or more of the packaging, and completely technical and hygienic storage of nutrients.
  • The projects get minimal waste on specific production alternatives, and work more efficiently and faster
  • EUROCOLD panels are flawless, hygienic and easy to clean. Due to its hygiene, it is mainly required in hospitals, food stores and the pharmaceutical sector.
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