Cooking equipment

Gas Stoves

TITAN Group sells gas ranges and gas stoves with the top features that you want in your kitchen.

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Electric stoves

Any time you can order electric stoves from TITAN Group. We provide you with best products.

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French fry maker tools

Most clients love french fries and if you are entrepreneur, you must buy this tool for your clients. 

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Grills are the best tool for any season and every client can get these equipment with best prices.

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Pasta cooking machines

Pastas are the main food in Italian cuisine and if your restaurant also presents Italian cuisine, you must buy this equipment.

Tilting skillets

You can use a tilting skillet for a variety of purposes including: grilling, frying, simmering, and braising.

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TITAN Group sells boilers with the top features that you want in your kitchen for restaurants, hotels, and etc.

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Has everyone told you that you make the best barbecue? If you’ve been tempted to start your own small business selling your famous barbecued ribs, you can buy equipment from TITAN Group.

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Convection ovens

Do you need convection ovens? We can provide you with leader companies` products (Rational, Angelo Po and etc.) We are the only dealer of Rational in Azerbaijan. 

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